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Relationship between AT&C Losses and Transformer Failure

Relationship between ATC losses This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office...

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Reasons for Transformer Failures

Distribution Transformers are being blamed for heavy failures. The Failures are estimated at 20% per year. This amounts to...

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Selection of Transformer Rating

BIS had given detailed format in IS 1180 where they have specified the Energy Efficiency Levels at 50% load...

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Entry Tax Implication in Rajasthan Budget 2014

We take reference to the budget announced by Govt. of  Rajasthan on 14th July 2014. ENTRY TAX RATES HAVE BEEN MODIFIED ON THIS BUDGET AS...

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Completion of Bulk Orders in 44 Days

Shri Krsna Group is consolidating its position as a supplier of Distribution & Power Transformer, Galvanized SubStation Structure and...

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