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Relationship between AT&C Losses and Transformer Failure

Posted by on Feb 10, 2017 in Blog | Comments Off on Relationship between AT&C Losses and Transformer Failure

Relationship between ATC losses This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online.

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Reasons for Transformer Failures

Posted by on Jun 11, 2016 in Blog | Comments Off on Reasons for Transformer Failures

Distribution Transformers are being blamed for heavy failures. The Failures are estimated at 20% per year. This amounts to a staggering National loss, considering that Millions of Transformers are installed all over the country. The loss is quite unbearable. The public suffers because of frequent breakdowns. There are annoying outages in Urban areas. In agriculture area, farmers work suffers. Even industry has suffered huge production cuts. We need to ask why the Transformer fail? Actually everyone in Discoms knows the answer why Transformers fail! The reasons can be outlined as follows:- Transformers are heavily overloaded Rampant power theft Selection of rating of Transformer is inadequate. Transformer Rating is much lower than what is required. Secondary side protection is bypassed. There are frequent reports of vandalisation and breakage of Meter Protection Box. There are serious earthing problems specially with single phase Transformer. Poor Installation of Transformer, especially improper termination is leading to frequent failures. Usage of transformer being done with unbalanced loads, or unequal load on the Three Phase. Discoms are unable to obtain political approval for taking stern action against power theft. Discoms are unable to activate civilian support against power theft. Whilst the failed Transformer can be got rectified against five years warranty from the Manufacturers, the real cause of the problem remains unattended. Hence the actual disease, actual reason why Transformers failed, is neither analyzed nor rectified. Only the symptom i.e. failure of the Transformer, is got rectified under warranty, but the root cause remain and these continue to haunt the Discoms by creating huge AT&C losses. Consequently Manufacturers are blamed for the failures. They are soft targets. The warranty for Transformers have gone up from one year to two years and to five years. The Manufacturers have been house-trained, or compelled, to work in such a way that they do not question why Transformers have failed. Across the country Manufacturers are repairing Transformers under warranty for 5 years, without questioning cause of failure, but knowing fully well that most failures are occurring for reasons other than manufacturing defect. It has been established in many studies that there is a DIRECT RELATIONSHIP between FAILURES OF TRANSFORMER and high AT&C losses. This has been found in District after District across the length and breadth of the country. And highAT&C losses are causing huge Financial Losses to the Discoms. Total monetary loss of the Discoms in the last few years is about Rs. 4,00,000 Crores. It is therefore important to control Transformer failures and thereby reduce AT&C losses. All of us who are a part of the System, whether Manufacturers of, Utilities, Discoms, Testing Houses, Regulatory Agencies etc. should ponder this point, and take urgent action to stop the massive destruction of National...

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Selection of Transformer Rating

Posted by on Jun 11, 2016 in Blog | Comments Off on Selection of Transformer Rating

BIS had given detailed format in IS 1180 where they have specified the Energy Efficiency Levels at 50% load and 100% load. This has been given as per enclosed Table 1. It is observed that the emphasis is on meeting total Iron and Copper Losses at 50% load. The maximum difficulties in achievement of Transformer design is observed in meeting this requirement. In line with global practices, BIS has prescribed that selection of the Transformer should be such that it mostly operates at 50% load. The balance should be spare redundant capacity. When a transformer operates at 50% load, the consumption of power is significantly lower. From the enclosed Table 2 & 3 we can see example where 200 KVA transformer is used in a site where the loading is 100 KVA, hence the consumption will be at 50% load, and the Transformer will consume only 890 watts. Whereas if 100 KVA Transformer is fitted, then the consumption becomes 1800 watts. In the enclosed Table 3, the savings are shown. It can be observed that over 7900 units are saved every year by using higher capacity transformer of 200 KVA. Even with the generous price difference of Rs. 75,000 between the price of 200 KVA and 100 KVA Transformer, pay back period is less than 2 years. In India, the overloading on Transformers is rampant, often 150%. In a situation where 100 KVA Transformer is used on 100 KVA load, such overloading will result in the Transformer operating at 150% load or 150 KVA. The comparison between 100 KVA & 200 KVA transformer, in such situation, becomes even more important. It will be observed from enclosed Table 4, that the saving is over 18600 units per year in such situation. These figures have been arrived through work out I square R as per enclosed Table 4. The total saving over 10 years comes to more than Rs. 8 lacs, simply by using 200 KVA Transformer instead 100 KVA Transformer. Other important advantage of selecting a Transformer of 200 KVA Transformer instead of 100 KVA on a load of 100 KVA are – Transformer does not get heated up Consequently life of the transformer is much more Overloading failures are largely avoided . Selection is as per BIS guidance. Encl. Table 1 – BIS table of Energy Efficiency Level Table 2 – Comparison of 100 KVA and 200 KVA as per BIS Table 3 – Comparison of 100 KVA and 200 KVA at load of 100 KVA Table 4 – Comparison of 100 KVA and 200 KVA at load of 150 KVA Table 1 Table 2 Table 3 Table...

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Entry Tax Implication in Rajasthan Budget 2014

Posted by on Jul 28, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Entry Tax Implication in Rajasthan Budget 2014

We take reference to the budget announced by Govt. of  Rajasthan on 14th July 2014. ENTRY TAX RATES HAVE BEEN MODIFIED ON THIS BUDGET AS PER RULE S.O. 54 as follows –     S.no.   Items   Rate   19   All kinds of electrical and electronic goods including electric motor, fax machine,   Sim Card, Smart Card, Radio set, VCR, VCP, Rate Recorder, accessories   thereof   14%   21   Aluminium structures, steel fabrication items including GS Stay Sets,Switch Fuse   Units and Isolators   14%   29   Transformer and Transformer Oil   5% Entry tax provision has serious implications for Turnkey contractors : 1.  The entry tax is  NOT to be paid at Rajasthan Border Check post. 2.  The Contractor is required to get Registration done with Commercial taxes department for entry tax payment and filing of Returns. 3.  Returns are required to be submitted monthly / quarterly. 4.  Interest shall be leviable on delayed payment of entry tax. 5.  Non submission of returns / non-payment of entry tax will attract heavy penalties and punitive measures. 6.  In case the amount involved, inclusive of penalty, crosses Rs. 50 lacs, then it becomes a non-bailable offence. 7.  Amount of entry tax deposited cannot be offset against VAT payable to Government. 8.  Against older contracts, the Purchaser generally allows statutory variation to be borne by the Purchaser themselves.  However, caution is advised, because the implication is very high, at 14%, and the Purchaser will be reluctant to accept the enhanced liability in several cases, even where they have already approved out of State vendor. We request you to kindly factor in the above for your on-going and future contracts  in...

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Completion of Bulk Orders in 44 Days

Posted by on Jul 28, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Completion of Bulk Orders in 44 Days

Shri Krsna Group is consolidating its position as a supplier of Distribution & Power Transformer, Galvanized SubStation Structure and Towers, and other Line Hardware. We are proud to announce that we have completed manufacture of an URGENT ORDER of 2750 nos. Single Phase Transformers for our client Jaipur Discom. This urgent order had been placed by Jaipur Discom on 27th May2014. Our client required transformers urgently and had requested us to make the supplies as soon as possible. After receipt of the order on 27th May, we had commenced procurement of raw-materials, preparation of Tanks, Cores, Windings etc. We have completed the entire production of the transformers on 9th July i.e. within a record period of 44 days. This includes various stage inspections, type test for new type of Control Box as per revised drawings, final inspections, and dispatch of transformers to different locations. Shri Krsna Urja is committed to meeting customers requirements of high quality transformers, as per stringent delivery...

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