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CTPT Combined Unit

We are manufacturing outdoor type oil cooled combined CTPT unit upto 33KV in our Sitapura, Jaipur unit. The units are sturdy and superior grade. All manufacturing as per IS2705, 3156. We are NABL accredited as per IS17025 for testing of Current & Voltage Transformers


CTPT combined unit








CTPT unit

Galvanized CTPT combined metering unit








NABL certificate TC-6901

Type : Oil Cooled
Voltage Rating : 6.6KV / 11KV / 22KV / 33KV
Applicable Standards : IS 2705:1992, IS3156:1992
Primary Current Upto 3200A
Secondary Current : 1A / 5A
Accuracy Class From 0.1 upto 3 including 0.2S & 0.5S
STC Rating : As per specification
Winding material : SEM Copper / Copper
Rated Continuous Thermal Current : 1.2 times rated primary current
Frequency : 50 / 60Hz
Core : Nanocrystalline / ZDKH / CRGO Toroidal
BIL : As per IS
  • Advanced facility available with epoxy mixing & casting machine, separate drying oven for CTPT sets, hydraulic lift to carry goods, air conditioned room for coil winding and a separate store to keep raw materials for Instrument Transformers
  • Separate testing facility to carry out all routine tests as per IS2705:1992, IS3156:1992
  • Epoxy casted CTs with epoxy Mixing under Vacuum
  • In house fabrication of tanks
  • Metering, Protection & Special class CT available
  • Ability to meet customized design and specification demands
  • After sales maintenance and spare parts service
  • All raw materials are tested as per IS/IEC
  • Type Tests available from NABL Accredited lab
  • Our Lab is NABL accredited as per IS17025 for testing of Current & Voltage Transformers