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Job Work Services





Export Job Work for Clients, Jobwork, HDG

Job Galvanizing Services

Coating Image 120 microns plus

Coating as per IS (special 180 microns)












We provide galvanizing services to all industries based on their specifications. Our ability to unload and process material is very fast; which is appreciated by the clients. The zinc is to be provided by the supplier. In case the same is not supplied, we have the facility to provide zinc and jobwork both. Our EOT crane facility in the loading area means your vehicles do not have to wait long. Even logistics are provided to the client.


  1. Material is delivered as per specifications
  2. Inspections can be carried out. In house lab for coating, knife test, preece test, bend test
  3. High quality finish and marking on the bundles for proper packing lists
  4. Safety of material handling
  5. Zero Shortgae in your material for Towers and Assemblies
  6. Quick turnaround
  7. Approvals: DMRC, PGCIL, NTPC, CORE, BHEL etc

We are frequently receiving material from in and around Rajsthan, Haryana, MP, Punjab & New Delhi. Our paperwork is swift: road permits, excise challans, gate passes, weigh slips etc. We verify the weight before and after loading. Our packing and bundling team provides necessary facility. Stenciling is available. Export packing is available.

20000 sq maters space

Space for Large Oversize Loads also

Process as per MQP

Jigging for Highest Quality









Sunedison Loading ready GI

EOT Crane Laoding Facility 5MT upto 1200MT

EOT Loading Image

Safe Loading and Bundling for site, Galvanizing Job









We are able to provide the accounts status and proforma invoices immediately to ensure timely output. Some of the products we job work:


Hand Rails
Cable Tray Ladders
Towers & Substations
Earthing Material
Rods and Stay Sets
Solar Modules
Special Industrial Products
Auto Components

Strapping Tool Strip image

Packing as per client requirements