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Three Phase Transformers

Three Phase Transformer core shri krsna urja group

Three Phase Transformers shri krsna urja groupThree Phase Transformer Shri Krsna Urja Group

Ratings : 6.3 KVA to 10MVA
Applicable Standards : IS1180:2014, IS2026
Cooling : ONAN
Insulating Fluid : Mineral Oil as per IS335/IEC
Frequency : 50 Hz
Polarity : As specified
Primary voltage : Upto 33 KV
Secondary Voltage : 415, 433 V (Other Voltages as required)
Winding material : Copper / Aluminium
Impedance : In line with applicable standards.
  • Robust construction having excellent short circuit and thermal withstand capabilities.
  • Proven technology, effectively improving the quality and reliability of the electrical distribution system
  • Ability to meet customized design and specification demands
  • Rapid After sales maintenance and spare parts service
  • Tanks with CORRUGATED/GALVANISED specification available
  • Special feature for safeguarding of oil theft
  • Large manufacturing capacity