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Solar Structures & Solutions



Solar Power is the buzz these days, rightfully so. It offers off-grid solutions. It’s clean and abundant. Cost of harnessing this energy is getting cheaper by the day. Government is promoting policy for Solar sector under JNNSM (Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission) or NSM. Phase 1 has been well received, while Batch 2 of Phase 1 has seen the reverse bids drop to new lows. This makes everyone very excited about the prospects  as the energy becomes truly cheaper for all!


Solar Pump Double Axis



Rajasthan and Gujarat are at the forefront since they receive the best radiation. Solar PV and Solar Thermal technologies are both promoted. Different base rates have been set- however it translates into the same benefits for the world.

Shri Krsna Urja Projects is already making galvanized structures for the rescue or ‘evacuation’ of power transmission lines, sub-stations for turnkey contractors. Module mounting structures, trackers, seasonal trackers, static, single pole or double pole structures- these are the items we are designing & supplying!

Advantages of SKUPL-
a) 82 years of business in Rajasthan
b) Access to manpower resources and engineers in the state
c) Logistics division to supply material to the site safely and swiftly
d) Galvanizing bath in-house for best quality and least distribution time.
e) Design team to help modify drawings for site requirements and take up production

The solar projects are promoted in the state policy (www.rrecl.com) under schemes called Migration, NSM, RPSSGP. They are slightly different and we welcome enquiries for all your requirements.
Goal is 20GW by 2022. the current tenders have been 100MW for PV and 100MW for Solar Thermal. The first batch saw 340MW of bidding in rajsthan- 24 projects in total.

We are open for tie-ups with technology partners. Our vision is not limited to on-grid but to cells, modules, mounting structures, trackers.

Since we have been associated with Siemens, Bharat Bijlee etc for decades, our distribution synergy has motivated our interest in Inverters, Battery, LED lights, Home Solutions, Off-grid solutions for Telecom, Industrial, Captive Power etc. Our EPC division can provide total turnkey solutions also.

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