Completion of Bulk Orders in 44 Days

Shri Krsna Group is consolidating its position as a supplier of Distribution & Power Transformer, Galvanized SubStation Structure and Towers, and other Line Hardware. We are proud to announce that we have completed manufacture of an URGENT ORDER of 2750...

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Selection of Transformer Rating

BIS had given detailed format in IS 1180 where they have specified the Energy Efficiency Levels at 50% load and 100% load. This has been given as per enclosed Table 1. It is observed that the emphasis is on meeting total Iron and Copper Losses at 50% load....

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Reasons for Transformer Failures

Distribution Transformers are being blamed for heavy failures. The Failures are estimated at 20% per year. This amounts to a staggering National loss, considering that Millions of Transformers are installed all over the country. The loss is quite...

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