Shri Krsna Group is consolidating its position as a supplier of Distribution & Power Transformer, Galvanized SubStation Structure and Towers, and other Line Hardware.

We are proud to announce that we have completed manufacture of an URGENT ORDER of 2750 nos. Single Phase Transformers for our client Jaipur Discom.

This urgent order had been placed by Jaipur Discom on 27th May2014. Our client required transformers urgently and had requested us to make the supplies as soon as possible.

After receipt of the order on 27th May, we had commenced procurement of raw-materials, preparation of Tanks, Cores, Windings etc. We have completed the entire production of the transformers on 9th July i.e. within a record period of 44 days. This includes various stage inspections, type test for new type of Control Box as per revised drawings, final inspections, and dispatch of transformers to different locations.
Shri Krsna Urja is committed to meeting customers requirements of high quality transformers, as per stringent delivery schedules.