How to calculate power requirement:

his should include total load of allequipment in HP or in KW. Add lighting and air-conditioning loads. Make sufficientextra provision for future growth.

What are Total losses, No Load Losses, Load Losses

Total Losses are the sum ofNo Load Losses (Iron Loss) and Load Losses (Copper Loss) and Stray Loss. TotalLosses consume power and should therefore be kept low.

Should higher Rated Transformer be installed

Despite higher cost and extraspace utilization, higher Rating of Transformers will lead to lesser powerconsumption. Transformer should ideally run at 50% capacity.

What is the difference between BEE Star Rating and BIS Level Rating?

BEE Star I = BIS Level II,
BEE Star 2 = BIS Level III and so on.
Please see the table given in Brochure.

Is Copper winding better to Aluminum Winding?

Copper windings are preferred inTransformers of 315 KVA and above. Small size Transformers can use either Copperor Aluminum.

Oil Filled Vs Dry Type Transformer?

Oil filled Transformers are cheaper and morereadily available. Their losses are lower. Dry type are more compact and bettersuited for special indoor applications.

Is the size of Radiator a Factor?

Radiators cool the Transformer. Radiators areoccupying lot of space and if this is a constraint, then choice of Corrugated Tanksshould be studied.

Whether to use outdoor or Indoor Duty Transformer?

Recently evolving standardsprovide for stricter norms for Indoor Duty Transformer, to prevent explosion, fire,sound pollution.

Why is Earthing Important?

Earthing provides least resistant path for faultcurrents to flow out.

What is the ideal Earthing resistance?

Ideal resistance is less than 1 Ohm.

Is Earthing less effective in dry soil?

Yes. Soil moisture helps to dissipate electricalcharge better as it has lesser resistance.

Is Air circulation necessary?

Air circulation is necessary to keep Transformer cooland healthy.

If transformer getting heated?

Check air circulation. Check if excessive loadapplied on transformer. Check for loose termination. Check for oil leakage. If noneof above, then transformer likely to be faulty – contact manufacturer.

Is Good Termination important?

Making solid tight termination is very important.Low termination cause hot spots and early failure.

Should Cable Box be kept clean?

Cable box should be kept free fromBirds/Rats/Lizards etc. They can cause Phase to phase flash over. Use grommets tosecure openings.

What to do about oil leakage?

Check the Gasket and replace if found leaking. Incase of leakage from tank, try to apply Metafil. Heavy leakages may requirereplacement Tank.

What protection should be used on primary HT side?

Higher Transformer needVacuum circuit breakers. Otherwise combination of switch fuse unit, horn gap fuse,Drop out fuse can be used.

What protection should be used on Secondary side (LV side)?

Air Circuit Breakeror MCCB are required. They should have required protection relays.

What is the role of the silica gel breather?

The role of the silica get breather is to absorb moisture and other dust particules from the air that is breathed back in when oil cools and its level drops. The blue color crystals inside the silica gel turn pink when they have absorbed enough moisture. At this time they need to replaced.