Galvanized Earthing & Hardware

Earthing Rod & Earthing Pipes

We are offering earthing material such as GI Rod, GI pipes ,earth electrodes, GI plate electrodes etc. These are offered at cost effective prices.
We are well known name in the manufacturing and supplying of earthing hardware which finds its application in various industries.

Earthing Flats, Strips, Plates

Earthing Galvanized strip or MS

  • 25×3
  • 25×6
  • 50×6
  • 75×6
  • 75×10
  • 75×12

These are available ready stock or as per order. Capacity 500 MT/month Traders,Contractors,Sub-Vendors, Projects etc…

Foundation Bolts

TMT Galvanized Rods

We offer galvanizing of TMT rods of sizes 6mm upto 25mm. You may provide the TMT or we can provide finished product. The advantages are very much established internationally by Architects, Structural Engineers and Researchers. You may visit International Zinc Association website

TMT Rebars, rods, bars can be galvanized as per your length. We provide proper bundling of the rods prior to loading. Even the rings can be made as per your design through an automatic machine or manually.

In order to enhance the corrosion resistance of the TMT Bars, SKUPL conducted extensive R&D for Galvanization of there bars.


Superior resistance to atmospheric and marine corrosion.


Enhanced strength combined with high ductivity.


Excellent weld-ability without loss of strength of welded joints.


High thermal resistance.


Better ductivity & bend-ability.


Significant savings in cost of quality steel


Long lasting for buildings/overbridges/factories/Railways/Canals/Thermal Power plant/Nuclear Power Plant/