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SHRI KRSNA URJA GROUP is a manufacturing house established in Jaipur since 1929.


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Welcome to the world of transformers. If you are a person searching for the best transformers, then undoubtedly, your search ends here. Our company designs a wide range of transformers that promises to suit your every need and requirement. Thus, from the finest power and distribution transformers to the dry type transformers, our team delivers every best thing.

There is a long list of products that our company offers to help you get the best services. While some of them are-

  1. Power and distribution transformers
  2. Dry type transformers
  3. Instrument transformers
  4. Hot dip galvanized steel
  5. Solar module mounting structures

The above are some of the amazing products that our organization delivers to fulfill our client’s requirements and needs. With years of experience, we are proudly known as one of the best transformer manufacturers India and thus a choice of many happy clients.

Reasons why URJA can be a perfect choice for your every purchase of transformer-

  1. Wide range of varieties- our company offers a wide range of product option to help you choose the best. We have a specialized team that individually take care of every product. Thus, grab your favorite product with URJA because your satisfaction and happiness is the major priority.
  2. Fast deliveries- our well-trained experts value our client’s money and deadlines and thus assure the fastest deliveries. Thus, with URJA you can be sure with your deadlines because we never disappoint our clients. Thus, with URJA assure the best services within the time-frame.
  3. Customer-centric- our organization is working with a motto to fulfill our client’ every needs and requirement. Thus, let us know your desires and we promise to fulfill it with the delivery of best products.
  4. Quality assurance- this is one of the major factors with which our company never negotiates. From years we are working in this field with the only dream of bringing smiles on the faces of our clients with the delivery of the finest quality assured products.

Thus, what are you waiting for? Grab the best product and assure the amazing benefits of it. Because, with URJA the best client satisfaction is a guarantee.


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